Crystalline Consciousness Technique
What to Expect after a CCT Session
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ heals in very different ways than what we are used to. It helps to have a context to understand what is happening after the session so that you don’t become confused or disoriented. Below are some general guidelines.

1. Remember that CCT is an energy model. It touches psychological, emotional, spiritual and physical elements because it works with physical, emotional, mental and spiritual energy bodies. However, it does not work through those contexts. If you are using other tools such as therapy or drugs, CCT will support and enhance these tools, not conflict with them.

2. CCT works individually. You will experience your own unique healing signature.

3. During the following week after a session, parts of your life can appear to get worse and more chaotic. As deeper levels of patterns are released from cellular memory or other levels they surface at the conscious level before releasing completely. REMEMBER THAT THE CHAOTIC FEELINGS OR EVENTS ARE RELEASING. Keep breathing, stay detached and suddenly they will lift out leaving a greater sense of freedom throughout the whole body.

4. Develop your observation skills. What shifts after a session? Internally? Externally? What was a surprise? What new insights and understanding do you have concerning your Intention?

5. During the “up-in-the-air” chaotic phase is not the time to do another session unless it is just for balancing and stabilizing. Allow the new order and organization to anchor into place first.

6. If your life is not completely reflecting your Intention after the session is fully anchored in, you may need follow up sessions. Ask your practitioner to muscle test to determine when to do another session.

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