Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Conscious Intent
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ recognizes that Intent is an energy field that is responsive by nature. During a CCT session you intentionally and actively interface with that field.

This field of energy is recognized by shamans and other esoteric traditions as well as physicists. Max Planck, Nobel Prize winner for his work with atoms, says, “All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particles of an atom into vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together...We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.”

In CCT your intentions interface with this field of energy or matrix which influences, alters, shapes, modifies and creates the information fields and patterns that organize and shape your reality. Because our planet is one of free will and choice the more you consciously work with intention the more you are an active participant in your own evolution and expansion.

During a CCT session an intention is stated after your energetic anatomy have been prepared in Phase One and Two of the protocol. Now your system is ready for intention, providing innate wisdom of your body with the direction of syntropy (order) or greater coherence in which to grow.

After you state your intention and it is anchored in your energy often feels like it is unwinding and linking up in new ways. When the energy completes shifting then you are ready for the completion of the CCT session with Phase 3. This is the phase that accelerates the evolution of your consciousness.

Below are some tips for becoming more efficient with intentions:
  • Be conscious about your intentions. Allow yourself time in the morning to get calm and quiet. Focus your mind on your heart. From that place ask yourself, “What would I like to see happen today?”
  • Always state your intention in the positive. Many people are used to focusing only on what they don’t want. This can be a helpful stage in identifying what you do want. An example of identifying what you don’t want is “I don’t want to feel fear.” For a powerful intention you want to identify what want instead of fear. Is it peace, love, courage?
  • State your intention in first person. If your intention is for your partner, who you think needs to be more loving for example, it won’t work because of free will and choice issues. Instead, identify that you are wanting to be loved, cherished, adored, etc. and ask for that. Let the Universe bring this to you in whatever form it desires.
  • Be explicit. Many people use shortcuts in their communication, implying certain things without actually saying them. The field of intent is very literal.
  • Be open to outcome. Many people block that which they most want to receive or limit their intentions by expecting them to be in a particular form or timing. Release your intention to the Universe and intend right form and timing.
  • Receive what you’ve intended. Releasing feelings of “I’m not worthy or good enough” and opening the heart and energy fields to receive will complete the process of manifestation.
  • Keep a journal of your intentions. Observe what begins to shift and change in your life instead of just what is lacking. As you do you’ll begin to understand yourself better leading to clearer intentions. At the same time you’ll begin to trust the Universe to respond to your intentions.
  • Bring your new awareness to others. Intentions empower. Invite your children or your spouse to state their intentions before starting a new endeavor. When talking with people who are endless complainers, invite them to shift their focus by saying, “What would you have liked to see happen instead?

Check out the Weekly Intention to get further practice.

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