Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™—the science

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration." -Nikola Tesla

We are all innate healers, creators, and transformers. Now in one beautiful system, you can reach your highest potential in all of these areas.

It starts with energy...

The fabric that connects all form is energy. In CCT this energy swirls and twirls into form through the golden ratio, sacred geometry, the spiral of transformation and your intentions.

The results are in the realm of miracles.

If you are an energy sensitive or healer all of your biggest energy challenges are addressed.

If you are a creative, you move beyond your inner or external blocks and express at new levels of potential.

If you are searching for new levels of consciousness, personal and spiritual growth, you will discover a whole new system for accelerated growth that you can use to spiral to levels in a fraction of the time of other personal growth systems.

It continues with transformation...

Everyone understands what it means to transform, but exactly is that? There are three phases to transformation and all growth, healing, and creating must move through all three to reach its highest potential. In old systems of growth and healing there would  be a time of expansion that offered a glimpse of new levels of conscious awareness, then a collapse back into the old state of being.

Not so, with CCT.

Healing that occurs through transformation stays at that new level. Creating through transformation allows creators to build upon their successes. Personal growth through transformation leads to conscious expansion and spiritul growth without the rug being pulled out from beneath you.

If you really dislike change, this system will help you move out of resistance and embrace new spirals of growth.

If you are a creator, you'll discover new ease to connect to your creative muse, while not becoming distracted by the outside world.

If you are someone who focuses on external form or outcome, you'll discover the delight and mystery of results beyond your imagination.

It's anchored in the New Paradigm...

The world shifted in 2012 and entered a new time. To thrive now is to embrace new ways of thinking and expressing, yet still be able to operate with the rest of the world that is still shifting. It takes a unique set of energy tools to do this.

CCT was created specifically for these times.

If you love all things new, fresh and cutting edge, you'll joyfully discover the new energy system that CCT works with.

If you are drawn to create from your life purpose, CCT shortens the creativing learning curve so you can reach your highest potential quickly.

If you feel old, hopeless, and out of touch, CCT will show you the bright new world that is there and how you can contribute to it with all of your gifts that only you have.

It's rocket science but no math involved!

CCT is taught through protocols that are easy to use without needing a doctorate in energy science. You can go as deep as you like in the science of it or just use the protocols and notice your own life as it transforms in glorious ways.

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