Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Sacred Geometry Charged With Sound Vibrations
Phase Two of CCT uses Healing Chambers, five shapes known as the Platonic Solids. Each of these five solids have faces, edges, and angles that are all the same size, though not to each other. And they are all structured by the Golden Mean, the ratio of phi (pronounced fee) or 1.618. All matter is created by these shapes, hence they are referred to as Sacred Geometry. The human energy field consists of a multitude of these crystalline forms. Many are said to be linked to human consciousness. Evolving geometric configurations link to evolving consciousness.

What makes a CCT Healing Chamber, however, is not just the sacred geometric shape but also the sound vibration that charges the shape. Through the law of resonance our own bodies respond to these vibrationally programmed shapes, moving into greater coherency, alignment and unity.

The five Chambers are:


Dodecahedron: 12 sided, pentagons.
Element is quintessence, holding all other elements.

This healing chamber connects us to the source energy of creation. It works at blueprint levels, helping to bring in new patterns of being in all arenas of life.

For additional information about Sacred Geometry, DNA, Time, Water, Light and Sound please refer to Suggested Reading. To experience these Healing Chambers in a CCT session please contact a practitioner or try a free mini session.

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