Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Evolution of Consciousness
During the past 5,000 years, the multidimensional Soul worked in very different ways than it currently does. Earth energies were extremely dense during this time, contrary to the higher vibrational frequency of the Soul. This allowed only a small part of our spiritual core essence to be contained in our bodies. To compensate, the Soul developed many techniques to achieve its tasks and purposes.

Often the Soul did most of its “work” in other dimensions, using this dimension as an anchoring point. The conscious minds of the majority of people were unaware of this multidimensionality. They focused primarily on the lower vibrational frequencies of the physical, emotional and mental bodies. Throughout this time there were many mystery schools and special religious groups who held the road maps for moving from an unawakened state (not consciously aware of our greater multidimensionality) to an awakened state. Once awakened a person could seek enlightenment, a state of vibrational frequency wherein more of the Soul was able to be in this dimension. Few people were able to achieve this. Those that did were able to create miracles.

We have now entered a time when the vibrational frequency of the Earth has shifted significantly. It better matches and supports the frequency of our multidimensional nature. More of the energetic charge of the Soul may be anchored through our mental, emotional, and physical levels. As the Soul anchors in we can consciously access our Soul’s wisdom accumulated through lifetimes on Earth and before coming to Earth. Simultaneously the mystery school information and ancient religious spiritual teachings have been released into the collective consciousness. We have entered into a time when we can all create our own miracles.

As the Earth and humans have increased in vibrational frequency so has the conscious mind. Generally the conscious mind has been aware of about only 1% of the totality of our being—until lately. We are now entering a phase when the awareness of the conscious mind is increasing at an exponential rate. Suddenly we are seeing, hearing and feeling things we’ve never perceived before. These are the experiences of the awakening mind. Without a cultural context, such as found in Eastern cultures, to guide us through this expansion or awakening we can fall into disorientation and confusion with our newly evolved state.

In addition to the task of assimilating new information from within the collective consciousness of the Earth, we are also assimilating new information that is informing our galaxy. When the Earth was a denser vibration this information of a higher frequency was not accessible to us. We have now entered a vibrational shift that is allowing for this incoming information to reach the human consciousness. Physics is one area in which this information is being assimilated. Many new healing modalities, tools and supplements are also coming forth at this time.

Our bodies, however, are still pretty much wired for the old energy paradigms. We run into a particular problem with our immune system. Linked to the reptilian brain (the instinctual brain) the immune system has several roles. One is in defense of not only the physical body but also the energetic body. When we biologically evolved, the immune system was also assigned the task of interpreting incoming information (i.e. energy) to determine if the system was under “attack.” If it perceives an attack or something that might be an attack, it makes one of three choices—fight, flight or freeze. Our bodies, however are currently being bombarded with new information that the reptilian brain/immune system is not equipped to interpret. When in doubt the immune system flips a switch to provoke an “immune system response.” One of these responses is what appears to be the common cold. While our physical body makes copious amounts of mucous we also generate energetic mucous in our energy fields. This blocks or slows down incoming energy to give the immune system a chance to figure out if it’s being attacked. Another immune system response is when the fight or flight mechanism switches on and stays on. People in this response have massive amounts of adrenaline pumping into their systems at all times. If the switch doesn’t get turned off, the adrenals eventually become exhausted causing a crash through all systems of the body.

Since the biological evolution of such systems as our immune system can no longer keep up with the pace of planetary evolution, our bodies have begun to develop some interesting mechanisms to deal with it. One of these is switching from the immune system to the endocrine system as primary interpreter of incoming energy. Connected to the frontal brain the most highly developed part of our brain, the endocrine system is comprised of glands that are responsible for the higher states of emotions of bliss and ecstasy known primarily through mystical experiences. Each of the glands is like a radio receiver which tunes into different frequencies in the Universe, receiving streams of information that among other things can help to guide us from our Soul’s perspective, create a sense of belonging or homecoming here on Earth and allow us to stay centered in a field of love while experience bliss and joy.

Our body is also developing new energy anatomy. Long, vertical energy fibers run from above our head to below our feet. These fibers are similar to the meridians in the body by moving energy through them. The advantage to having them outside of the body is that the energy is calibrated to our system before entering the body.

One of the most challenging aspects of the new energy frequencies of the planet is for our Souls to stay current with rapidly changing reference points within our system. As our reference points (those ways in which we identify ourselves) change we can become disoriented and confused as we lose sense of how to locate ourselves in this time/space continuum.

We are also entering an era of consciously co-creating with our multidimensional Souls. This is uncharted territory for even the most advanced Souls on the planet.

For all these challenges we need a new set of tools. CCT is a tool that supports the evolution of consciousness, as well as clear and orient the energetic Self and provides a mechanism for co-creation with the Soul.

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