Crystalline Consciousness Technique
The Law of Attraction states that what we conceive and believe we will attract into our lives. CCT supports manifesting by creating a clear energy field without distortion so that intent is clearly perceived. It also helps us clarify what we want to conceive at a core level, not someone else's idea which is often held in our personality or ego.

After phase one and two (read more about the CCT protocol in What is CCT), an intention or intentions are stated by the person who is getting the session. When anchored into a clear, quiet energy field and body, this intention creates the organizing dynamic for the entire body. This organizing dynamic activates potent powers including the law of attraction.

As you begin to experience how easy it is to manifest with CCT, the focus becomes more on getting clear about what you do want to manifest. A CCT practitioner can help you recognize whether an intention comes from your core essence or your personality/ego. Additional help with intention can be provided with a Crystal Vibration Divination Set.

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