Crystalline Consciousness Technique
“After mediation for a settlement failed between myself and insurance companies, my lawyers told me we would have to go to court, which could take up to two years to resolve. My CCT practitioner did a group healing session for me and within two weeks I received a fair and equitable settlement.” –Z. Weinzetl, Boulder, Colorado

CCT shines in any situation that involves a group...a couple, family, organization or business. Many of us have problems operating to our highest potential in a group. This can come from energetic sensitivity, a sense of inferiority, or memories of past abuses that occurred in group dynamics. More importantly it can come from our mostly lost ability to form strong, positive organizations that come together from greatest strengths not common wounds.

One application of CCT for group dynamics is creating a powerful energetic container. For more on how this is created, please read Setting Up Your Energy Fields. A CCT energetic container enhances communication, trust, connection, a sense of belonging and a focus on forward movement and growth.

Organizations and businesses are much like a human organism and need clear energetics to be able to easily manifest. CCT sessions for organizations very quickly establishes the energetic clarity needed for manifesting. An organization can get on with the business at hand instead of internal bickering, backstabbing, sabotaging and any of the other self-defeating behaviors that we exhibit in unstable social structures.

Organizations and businesses that are using CCT find that they eaily increase their bottom line while creating greater employee and client satisfaction. To begin transforming your business or organization contact a CCT Practitioner for a session or consider taking a CCT class to bring this new system into your organization for transformation on all levels.

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