Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Setting Up Your Energy Fields
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ can be used to prepare your energy fields for the day. This helps with sensory and empathic overwhelm, provides protection by increasing the vibration of the energy field and allows for ease of connection with others.

Many people experience problems because they have a weak energy field. We are made to run energy through our bodies, but when we lack a vital energy field our bodies end up trying to do the job of the energy field. Because the body isn’t designed to discern what energies are positive energies and which are not it blocks everything. Hence we can’t heal as we need to.

Without a vital energy field it is also hard to be within groups or incoherent energy fields such as malls or fluorescent lighting. People who are empathic or energetically sensitive particularly struggle with this.

Our energy fields are also meant to communicate with others what we want to express in the world. When we intentionally set up our fields we then more clearly communicate exactly what we want and are ready to receive.

In CCT the vibration of the three phases and intentions are used to set up the energy fields. Creating a strong, safe energetic container for ourselves is healing in itself.

How can you Set Up Your Energy Fields? There are several ways. To do it for yourself and your loved ones or clients, take an Introductory Class or a Basic Class. Your CCT practitioner can set up your fields, or you can order a CD for Setting Up Your Energy Fields from the Store.

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