Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Expressing Your Creative Purpose

This online webinar class will provide you with two key components in your life...connection to your Purpose and the laser focusing of your creative energy. Using this protocol you'll find you can easily take action out beyond mental and emotional blocks such as fear, distraction, or doubt. 


In one weekend you'll learn the easy-to-use energy protocol, receive a powerful activation, clear blocks and negative belief systems around creative energy, and experience an amazing guided visualization to connect to and embody your purpose. Using this protocol you can easily and quickly go into the creative zone every time you want to.


During times of chaos, expressing yourself creatively is THE antidote. In 2017, the triple chaos year, we are featuring this class the last weekend of every month. Discover who you really are through your own creative purpose.


For more information and dates, please check out Upcoming Classes.


"I was a hot creative mess before I took this class. It was all hit or miss. Sometimes I had focus and flow, sometimes I just seemed to create unneeded drama! Now I can positively create working with my Purpose at all times." -A.S. Phoenix, Arizona 

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