Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Teacher Training Level 1

Teacher Training


There is a significant energetic change for those who become teachers. They stand differently in the world as leaders. Teachers don't just learn how to teach the material but they also learn how to teach. New energy techniques are learned at this level for teaching as well as professional use.



Levels 1, 2, 3, 4,

Becoming a Crystalline Lighworker


Teacher Training Level 1

In the first 3-day in-person or distance training you'll learn how to teach CCT Level 1 Awakening to Your Energetic Self and Healing The Earth: What are you here to do? Both of these classes can be taught in person or in a webinar format.

There's one teacher level activation in this 3 day class. You'll begin to observe what's going on energetically while teaching at the same time. You'll also join the teacher's group where we have monthly calls, our own forum and other support.

CCT teachers at this level learn how to run a membership site for enhancing class learning.

CCT Level 1 class is available for CE hours for nurses and massage therapists. 


To be certified to teach, students must record an online webinar class for both classes.

Teacher Training Level 2


In the second training, you'll become certified to teach CCT Level 2: Activating your Crystalline System, Crystalline Families, and Crystalline Animals. This 3 day in-person training offers one activation, plus new awareness in using a Holographic Time Chamber, marketing yourself and your classes, how to demo the tablework and other types of CCT sessions, information about the Crystalline Energy system and deepen in your understanding of speaking energetically and consciously to a group.


The CCT Level 2 class has both a webinar part and either a 2 or 3 day format for the class.



Level 2 offers CE hours to both massage therapists and nurses.


Crystalline Family and Crystalline Animals classes may be taught via webinar or in person.


To take Level 3 teacher training, one CCT Level 2 class must be taught.



Teacher Training Level 3


In this final teacher training, you'll learn how to teach CCT Level 3: Awakening to Crystalline Consciousness and Level 4: Integration of the Crystalline Body. This is a 4 day in person teacher training. There is a 3rd teacher activation, and new levels of energy techniques to use in your classes and sessions.


Level 3 may be taught in person or via webinar.


Level 4 is taught in person only.



Price for the entire Teacher Training: $5500

Deposit: $500

A payment plan may be set up for the Teacher Training.



For an additional $1000, Teachers-in-training may take the 3rd year program in the Crystalline Consciousness Academy: Crystalline Earth Advocate. During this year students learn Earth healing, creating grid systems, and become leaders in Energy Mastery.


For more information please contact gia at ramblerg(@) (Please remove the parentheses to use this email).

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