Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Crystal Vibrations is a deck primarily used with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. It was created when a need arose for factoring in the subconscious when creating intentions. Since that innocuous beginning, however, they have become much more and continue to delight and surprise us with their versatility and creativity.

The deck consists of 23 words that have been infused with Crystalline Consciousness energy. Each word was chosen for its high vibration then linked with a poppy flower to further increase the vibration. High vibrational states create greater states of well-being and allows us to access other realms or dimensions for healing, information and empowered manifesting.

Using Crystal Vibrations Individually:
Shuffle the deck. Clarify your intention for guidance.
Choose from 1-3 words or muscle test how many. Let the words work with you during the day. Journal your observations.

Using Crystal Vibrations with Intentions:
After writing an intention, pull 1-3 words from the deck. These are additional qualities needed for the manifesting of your intention. Alternatively: Pull 3-5 words from the deck. Create an Intentional sentence using the words. Some words might need to change grammatically to get the right tone. When done from a right brain or meditative perspective you’ll feel a physical shift in your body or a sense of “ah ha!”

Communicating with Guides:
State your intention to open communication with your guides. Ask a question or make a request for information about an area of your life. Pull 3-5 words from the deck. Allow whatever images or knowing to come with each word. Then create a sentence using all the words. Journal your observations and intuitive guidance.

In the following definitions, the first definition is from Webster’s Dictionary while the second is the definition according to the CCT guides.

Appreciation—sensitive awareness; grateful. A vibration that when radiated from the heart creates a bridge for divine healing.

Balance—stability; harmony of various elements. A neutral field of energy without distortion, that allows for clear manifestion.

Clarity—a quality of transparency or pureness. When the emotional body throughout all levels reflects the soul’s highest vibrational tone, much like light sparkling on clear water.

Connection—the ability to relate. When the soul relates to human consciousness.

Creativity—the ability to bring into being. Divine inspiration brought through the sexual/creative energy center.

Empathy—ability to share in another’s feelings. Heartfelt compassion for all sentient beings.

Empowerment—a state of power or authority. An inner knowing of spiritual awareness.

Enthusiasm—passion. The ability to express reverence for life.

Expression—a showing of feeling. Resonance between how one perceives one’s self and how one is perceived energetically.

Gratitude—thankfulness. An emotional response that indicates awareness of receiving abundance, support or other wanted qualities.

Growth—to thrive; an indicator of life. The evolution of conscious awareness of natural, universal laws.

Harmony—a combination of parts into an orderly whole. When the inner tones of one’s self are coherent with the tones of the Universe (One Verse).

Leadership—the ability to guide or show the way. Claiming sovereignty of one’s life processes.

Mastery—expert skill or knowledge. The integration of spiritual wisdom and biological development.

Openness—a state of accessibility. The mental state of allowing without resistance.

Protection—to be shielded from injury, danger or loss. An energetic stance of honoring one’s divine gifts and using them appropriately.

Self-Responsibility—accountable for one’s actions. Fully owning one’s emotional, mental and energetic responses; responding only to soul’s purpose.

Serenity—a state of peacefulness, calmness or tranquility. A quiet mind and heart in harmony.

Service—giving assistance to others. When the mind is in right relationship to the soul, then right action or service follows.

Stillpoint—the temporary cessation of the craniosacral rhythm in the body. A state following surrender that resets internal rhythms to to natural, universal rhythms, allowing for an infusion of grace.

Support—hold up; keep from falling or sinking. An inner knowing that comes from the alignment of the bones to gravity; the response of universal energies to the inner knowing of support.

Synchrony—simultaneous occurrence. The act of being in right timing.

Trust—a firm confidence in the honesty and, reliability of another person. The mental state created upon choosing to believe in the ultimate goodness of the Universe.

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