Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Universal Needs

Universal Needs is a deck used with Crystalline Consciousness Technique™. There are 12 Universal Needs. Eleven are in this deck and the 12th one is in the Crystal Vibrations Deck.

Universal Needs have a personal level and transpersonal or soul level. When both levels are mastered then we become our greatest empowered potential.

Universal Needs may be used to enhance intentions. Muscle test how many to draw or choose from 1-3 after writing out your intention. Here the Universal Needs are shown with its corresponding energy center or chakra.

Safety—Relates to the first energy center below the feet. Until we feel safe we are not free to learn, heal, or reach our fullest spiritual and human potential. The soul task relates to the soul feeling safe in 3rd dimension form on planet Earth.

Play—Relates to the second energy center at the level of the feet. When we play we connect strongly with the nature spirit kingdom. Play engages the spirit, enlivens the body and delights the heart.

Sustenance—Relates to the base energy center located at the tailbone. Along with food, other qualities of sustenance are touch and emotional nurturing. All are qualities for physical, emotional and mental development.

Belonging—Relates to the sexual/creative energy center located in the pelvic area. As children we develop a sense of belonging within our families, then our communities. This is a biological developmental task. The soul has a related task for developing a sense of belonging to humanity and this planet. When developed fully then our energetic stance is completely grounded as we feel supported by life.

Growth— This card is located in the Crystal Vibration deck. Relates to the solar plexus energy center located above the navel. Growth is the primary quality of the soul and one of the requisites for life. Without a sense of growth or moving forward we develop a great deal of frustration/irritation throughout the energy body.

Love— Relates to the heart energy center. When feelings are translated into ratios (based on the pressure created by each feeling) love translates into the ratio of the golden mean. This ratio is the building block of form, including DNA.

Celebration—Relates to the throat energy center.We live in a Universe of infinite creation including life itself. This act of creation occurs in a field of energetic joy. Through celebration, the soul and biological self join in joy, with the creative forces of life.

Autonomy—Relates to the third eye energy center located in the forehead and the base of the skull above the back of the neck. One of the soul’s tasks on this planet is to master spiritual free will and choice or autonomy in a physical body. Becoming awakened is a result of mastering this task.

Reverence—Relates to the crown energy center located just above the head. Allowing ourselves to feel the sacredness of life and spirit activates this Universal quality and keeps us from feeling cynical or jaded. Ceremony and ritual are good tools for invoking reverence.

Integrity—Relates to the tenth energy center about 18 inches above the crown. When all parts of ourselves are in vibrational integration then the highest integrity of the human consciousness and soul may express itself. This quality must be mastered before we can access certain levels of spiritual development.

Contribution—Relates to the 11th energy center about 30 inches above the crown. This quality is about being in service. Each soul and therefore human is a unique expression of Creator Source. When we know our soul’s worth then we bring this uniqueness or “original medicine” as the Indigenous people say to the betterment of the planet. Being in service includes being in service to ourselves as well.

Rest—Relates to the 12th energy center located about three feet above the crown. This transpersonal quality is a Zen Be-ing of unity with the Divine. The mind is finally still, the heart open, and the spirit enlightened.

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