Crystalline Consciousness Technique
Crystalline Consciousness Technique™ Classes

"CCT was a welcome change in my life. I had been in a couple accidents, I was plagued with chronic headaches. My inner light was on dim. It seemed fun and laughter were the stuff dreams were made of. I took Level Two: Discovering the Map of Transformation and had an emotional breakthrough. My life began to make sense. I realized I wasn't allowing myself to feel, I bottled my emotions, which was why I wasn't moving forward. I now allow myself to feel. Life without feeling is stifling. Life is about feeling. At that point I was allowing my intent to shine through.

-D. Young, Ohio

Teacher Training 2011

There are six levels in The Golden Map of Transformation training. Each level builds upon the prior level, deepening awareness of the power of CCT and bringing greater levels of transformation and evolution of crystalline consciousness.

After Level 6, practitioners can take one or both tracks: Becoming a Crystalline Earth Advocate and Crystalline Consciousness Technique Teacher.

Classes that can be taken independently are Expressing Your Creative Purpose; Crystalline Animals and Crystalline Family. Find more information about them in the sidebar. A Homestudy Program for personal use is also available.

If you’d like to host a class in your area, please contact one of the teachers for more information.

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