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Crystalline Consciousness Home Study Programs


The CC Home Study Programs offer a comprehensive study about transformation, human energy and the crystalline energy system from the freedom of your own home!


Along with internet classes, each level offers practical applications, ongoing support, and understanding the personal and spiritual transformation that the CCT student goes through. The homestudy program is focused on personal use for yourself, your family or supporting your business.

A separate unit may be added for those who want to become professional CCT practitioners and teachers.

For information about the next program starting October 30th go to:


The Core: Crystalline Transformation and the Divine Map

Learn the four core classes of CCT plus Healing The Earth, and either Crystallline Family or Crystalline Animal. You’ll begin to understand how to work with the Divine Map of Transformation, your crystalline energy system, accelerated learning and new ways of relating with others. For many, this is not just learning about the crystalline system but also learning about the world of energy in general. The energy of this year is one of excitement and joy. Developing right energetic alignment is an important part of the program during this year. Learning about emotional needs is presented, along with the three phases and patterns of the Divine Map of Transformation.

Practitioners learn Basic and Advanced protocols, how to work with the CCT divination decks and 5 Golden Spiral Soul Charts, the incredible world of Sacred Geometry, self-healing, healing for groups, and creating sacred, conscious intentions that aligns you to Earth and your highest potential.

Next program starts October 30th!

Note: If you are interested in taking the homestudy program and then become a professional Transformative Healer or Coach, there is a 5 day professional class that may be added on at any point.


Spread Your Wings: Crystalline Lightworker

This year takes you higher into the CCT system of energy, promoting and exploring new levels of crystalline consciousness and being in the world. Participants become Crystalline Lightworkers who know how to work with light as a healing process.


New activations that promote the deepening into the CCT system are experienced throughout this year. Understanding your multidimensional self, your relationship to the world through your soul purpose and developing the four archetypes of healer, visionary, teacher/leader and warrior are all explored.


Energy concepts such as healing with light, spirals, kundalini, time, energy of money, group roles and the Flower of Life as a sacred geometry healing chamber are presented. This year may be taken after the Crystalline Transformation program or from taking Levels 1-4 with a CCT Teacher. It is a prerequisite before becoming a CCT Teacher.

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Next program starts February, 2016



Master of Transformation: Crystalline Earth Advocate

Learn new processes as you study systems, grids, and work with two new Soul Charts, the Flower of Life and the Starcut. Heal Earth, animals and plants as well as new levels of healing and manifesting for yourself.

There are 4 units and 4 new activations.


This class can be taken concurrently with the CCT teacher program.

For more information please contact gia at ramblerg(at)

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