Crystalline Consciousness Technique

Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System

In 2004 during a meditation session, two friends unexpectedly received a new energy protocol that became known as Crystalline Consciousness Technique. Although they were astounded at what this energy technique was achieving in healing and manifesting, the new energy system that was unleashed with the protocol was even more amazing, linking them to the Indigo and Crystalline children and the Aquarian Age. The story of CCT, the crystalline system and the importance of embracing transformation is shared, explored and revealed in this metaphysical book of importance about the future potential of our world.


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The Way of Transformation: Discovering the Divine Map to Unlock Your Potential

In and through all life runs a Divine flow of energy whose purpose is to Transform. Known through the ages as change, growth, evolution, ascension, and enlightenment, transformation is a natural and universal law that orders and organizes energy into life and form. In this book, you'll discover what the three phases or patterns of Transformation are, which pattern you innately embody and how to become a master of all three phases to reach your highest potential.

Through her explorations in energy healing and raising of consciousness, the author gia combs-ramirez, has studied Transformation for the past 11 years which led her to the discovery of the three phases or patterns. First noticed in an energy healing modality, the author began noticing how the three phases played out in many ways from healing, to manifesting, to personal growth, global events and relationships.

In this book, the author maps out for the first time these three phases and how to identify them, then encourages the reader to align more consciously to this flow which governs the creation of all form in the cosmos. Ultimately, your life will unfold as the great adventure it was meant to be.


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