Crystalline Consciousness Technique
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Mridu Pasrija

  • CCT Level 3 Teacher
  • mpasrija@liveliferadiantly.com
    20139 Stamford Drive
    Livonia, Michigan 48152
    On a personal level, I received my first CCT session in August 2007, and have used this tool since then for my own healing and growth. I began to witness changes within myself but the biggest indicator was friends and family noticing these changes. As I continue to work with this tool, I become more ‘aware’ of myself and observe how my surrounding environment reflects these changes within me – bringing into alignment my inner and outer world. What a beautiful journey to watch for yourself!

    This inspired me – especially as I began to feel more empowered, peaceful and responsible towards and within myself - to learn how to assist others in this amazing process. After seeing and more importantly 'feeling' the differences in my own life, I wanted to learn how to use this tool to facilitate and assist others with their own personal journey of self growth. On a personal note, this has helped me with group situations at work, as well as family dynamics, and physical healing to name a few.

    At the end of the day, most of us want to feel empowered, valued, happy and loved. This tool provides a safe container where you can create, enhance, and enrich yourself from within – finding that source of light within you and drawing from that.

    Mridu Pasrija

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