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Ginger 'awapuhi Vogler

  • Advanced
  • Ginger 'awapuhi was born and raised in the antiestablishment atmosphere of the 50's and 60's. Her surfing family lived on some of the finest beaches in California, Hawai'i and Australia long before they were known and discovered by pop culture. In the beauty of these beach paradises, however, she began to realize that the outer world wasn't reflecting the inner. Her family life was more akin to Paradise Lost than the Garden of Eden. In her early 30s, she began a 24 year journey to reclaim the inner Paradise of her authentic heart's connection with Divine Source, that is a soulright for all humans. She was blessed to work and play with many Spiritual and Healing Masters during this time, including David Clarke (now deceased) and gia combs-ramirez as well as others.

    Ginger 'awapui came to recognize that one of her greatest tools on her healing journey was sacred ceremony. She began to deeply honor her own need for sacred ceremony in her life, not as an end in itself, but as a portal to her Higher Divine Self and Divine Guidance from her Guides, Ancestors, and Nature Beings, as well as the Divine Creation Source.

    In 2001, she studied on the Big Island with a Kumu Hula, Raylene Ha'alelea Kawaiae'a. Through practicing the sacred ceremony of hula and chant, she fully experienced how the physical world can actually heal, as well as what it is to work harmoniously with both the seen & unseen world of Nature Spirits, and Ancestors; where the very real potential to live in a world of "always enough for everyone" is patiently waiting for everyone.

    In 2003, Ginger 'awapuhi studied CCT, eventually becoming a teacher in 2007. With this technique, she has experienced new and profound shifts of clarity and greater ease with her own life's transitions.

    Now as she moves into the next phase of her life, she is ready to offer her wisdom and tools in service to others through ceremony, teaching, energy coaching and healing.

    Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Teacher and Advanced Practitioner
    Hawaiian Studies & Hawaiian Personal Practices
    Reiki Master
    Shamanic Studies
    Universal Life Church Minister

    Please Note: Hawaiian Time is 3 hours behind Pacific Standard Time during Daylight Savings Time, and 2 hours behind otherwise.

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