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Carolyn Agosta

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    Denver, Colorado 80123
    A recovering Catholic and former licensed clinical social worker, I have been "born again" as an energy master and energy coach.

    As a clinical Social Worker in Denver, I worked with sexual and physical abuse survivors, as well as men and women suffering from other forms of post traumatic stress. And it felt as if that is all they were doing...surviving. It was frustrating because I believed there was more to healing ... there is also transformation. I left the field in search of "more". Not knowing where that would bring me, it was no surprise that I landed in Tucson and met gia combs-ramirez. Since then, my life has changed in the most magnificent ways. Participating with someone on their journey of transformation is a beautiful gift for which I am grateful each and every day.

    In addition to being a certified Crystalline Consciousness Technique teacher, I am a Master Teacher. Additionally I am a Minister in the Universal Life Church. I apprenticed one year with a Soul Intuitive. And i blend all of my training to respond to the needs of each person with whom I work, including using flower essences to support healing and transformation. Sessions are gentle, guiding and supporting an individual's entire Being to heal and transform. Play is an important part of that transformation! My website is

    I am also the author of The Baby Boomers' Menopause Handbook, Making Your Own Choices through the Other End of Puberty. Visit for more information.

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