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Melanie Stinson LMT, RMT

  • Advanced
  • Melanie is a healing artist, award-winning writer, and long time dancer evolving multimedia on line healing (see, as well as celebration, play and healing installations, screenplays, and performances using CCT and Reiki.

    Melanie creates and sells healing wearable art shawl/scarves and wall hangings, and healing digital art that she uses on T-shirts. She has self-published a book of spiritual dance poetry and created a deck of nonverbal healing art Bliss Cards that may be used as postcards. These cards are intended especially for children and adults who might not come to (or be able to come to) energy healing on their own but who connect to beauty and love.

    Melanie began her healing journey with Marion Rosen, founder of Rosen Method Bodywork & Movement, a modality in which the practitioner, using both presence and beginner's mind, holds a container for each individual, similar to CCT. The difference is that Rosen uses touch and questioning to access the body's stories in this form of meditation-in-relationship.

    Melanie went on to study Swedish, medical, dance and Thai massage and shiatsu at New York City's Swedish Institute of Massage & Allied Health Sciences, where she graduated in 1993. Though she remains a NYS-licensed massage therapist, Melanie found the personal, spiritual and loving feel of Reiki, which she began to study in 1991, to best support her.

    In 2005, Reiki brought Melanie to gia combs-ramirez for her first Basic CCT training. Melanie read gia's book and attuned herself in all levels of Creation Reiki. She has taken two Basic CCT trainings with Carolyn Agosta and is delighted to be part of the CCT family.

    Melanie continues her studies in energy and touch modalities through reading and workshops, and practices Katsugen, gifted to her by Koji Yamamoto at Omega Institute, and other types of movement meditation. She wrote on staff for New York City Ballet, and has taught ballet, modern ballet and creative arts to children and adults, as well as Laban-based creative dance, which she studied with Jane Russell in England and Joyce Boorman in Canada. She is exploring ways to combine Reiki and CCT with dance.

    Melanie has a limited private practice by appointment for in person and distance sessions. She is especially interested in working with artists, writers, and performers, and with children (see ) since she often writes for them.

    Crystalline Consciousness Technique, Practitioner (ongoing)
    Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Fairy Realms Reiki Master, Karuna Ki Reiki Master
    Hawaiian healing techniques (Huna) through Serge Kahili King, Ph.D. and Paul Waters
    Rosen Method Bodywork & Movement
    Association of Bodywork & Massage Professionals, Certified level
    Minister through the Universal Life Church

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