Crystalline Consciousness Technique

05/09/2015 Upcoming Classes

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05/09/2015 Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System

The book about CCT, the crystalline system, and the three phases of transformation by founder gia combs-ramirez is now published on Amazon. Look for it under the title: Transformation: The Emergence of the Crystalline System. Learn More...

05/09/2015 Crystalline Transformation Homestudy Program

Next Homestudy Program starting July 30, 2015 Learn More...

Crystalline Consciousness Technique™

A unique energy system for transformational healing and coaching

"Working consciously with the the divine map of transformation aligns you to Earth and the Heavens, to your soul purpose and your individuation, to your internal growth and external manifestation." -gia combs-ramirez, founder CCT

In and through all form is energy, organized through sacred geometry. The source of all dis-ease, distortion or the ability to create, grow and manifest lies in this energy. Through the CCT tools and techniques, learn how to work with this energy and transform your life in health, vocation and relationships.

CCT offers 9 levels of classes, along with Teacher Training, and several specialty classes. From working on yourself, to groups, to animals, children and Earth, become a powerful healer and change agent in the world!

"I am very excited about CCT! It has come to me and my family at an amazing time in our lives and has been quite beneficial and a blessing. There have been miracles that were unexpected and greatly appreciated." -P. Wade, Gualala, California.

“CCT has been a truly unexpected gift and seems to have integrated so many things in my life.” –K. Jaskolski, Maumee, Ohio

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